Runcam Eagle setup

Hi chaps just had the new eagle 4.3 delivered, and fitted it this afternoon but i only get a grey screen when powered up. Is there a secret setting to change ?

No it should work out of the box assuming its all connected correctly so a photo would be helpful (unless you are certain you have it all correct) Its also a good idea to try connect a monitor directly to camera to make sure its the camera thats the fault. Also have you connected the OSD joystick and changed any settings? If you connect that are you able to use the OSD menu? Also how are you powering it? Via 5v, or 12v…?

So many questions :stuck_out_tongue: but if none of that works then its liekly to be a faulty camera so if you got it from us we will replace it for you. Just send a return request once you log into your account on our shop.

Yes all connections are correct, I tried my foxeer arrow onto the same wiring and works fine.
So gutted, i was all excited to try this cam with my new HD3 goggles ah well.
So i take it someone will send me an rma number ?

Hey, firstly I am so sorry that your camera has an issue but we will get it replaced as soon as we can so you can get back to flying. As for the RMA, one you request a return we will provide you with an RMA number and also return instructions so you should have a new camera within a few daya

Happy days,i see you have created an account for me so will have a crack at it now.

Just wanted to follow up to make sure you requested a return, as I cant recall getting one for a runcam eagle today? Otherwise just let me know your order number and I will create the return for you along with return instructions.

runcam seems do not have so many items, they all look the same.