Runcam Swift Mini

I purchased two Suncam Swift (mini) a while back and noticed that they don’t have a way of setting PAL or NTSC like some of the other Runcams do. Their website says that it is pre-set according to the region in which it is sold. Can Unmanned Tech confirm that the version stocked by them are actually correct for UK - ie. PAL?

The reason I ask is that I have had issues when trying to record the video feed on my FPV monitor (FlySight Black Pearl). I am using a CCTV-type DV recorder and it works really well with my other aircraft which use other FPV cameras but when I look at the recording from an aircraft using the Runcam Swift mini, I get intermittent imagery. Most of the time there is nothing to see, with just a few frames being recorded. Note that live viewing seems fine, just the recorded video that is not working.

Any thoughts? Could this be due to an NTSC setting?