Fitting a Runcam Swift to a EF280


I’m replacing the stock 700tvl camera on my Eachine Falcon 280 with a RunCam Swift and wanted to check with you lot to see if anyone has done it before…

I’m assuming that the 3 pin video/gnd/5v connector on the Swift can be attached to the 4 pin pcb connector that was used to connect the original camera. The Swift only has a single video pin so I’ll try the two pins not marked + and - to see which is the signal.

On the Falcon, just in front of the video connector is another connector marked V2OSD, I’m hoping this will be compatible with the 2 pin connector on the Swift. The Swift GND pin will obviously connect to the - pin on the Falcon and the Swift OSD pin will connect to the one of the other 2 pins.

If anyone has an hints, tips, photos or instructions, please let me know.

Thanks, Tim

Firsly a good choise on your FPV camera as I think the swift is a great FPV camera.

I am sure it will work as its fairly common to swap cameras on FPV quadcopters. One of the main things to check the voltages, the runcam swift works with 5-17V so its unlikely it will not work, but its just something to check particularly with other FPV cameras as some can only work at 5V.

If you have any issues just share some photos and I will be happy to offer my advice. I dont own a falcon 280, but we do have some falcon 250 and falcon 180 kits should I need to look at something to help.

Thanks Alex. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Hummmm… made a cable with the 4 pin micro jst connector on the Falcon connected to the same colour wires (red, black and yellow) on the 3 pin connection to the Swift. The 4th wire that used to go to the 700tvl camera is not connected to the Swift. No signal from the camera. The goggles are getting a signal but no image.

Not checked the voltage from the Falcon to the Swift yet (batteries dead on the multimeter) but the 700tvl camera can be swapped back in and it all works again.

The Swift states that it’s happy with 5-17v.

Any ideas would be gratefully received!

Are you sure the video out from the camera is going to your video in on your FPV transmitter according to the labels on the swift, ie with video on the left, and ground in the middle? The other possibility is that your camera was DOA :boom: so you would need to send it back for replacements… I assume your ordered from us? If so just send support an email and you will get an RMA to return it for replacement/repairs :wrench:

I think the camera is fine, ta, a good picture is shown when connecting it directly to the Headplay goggles

I’m pretty sure the 3 connection wires are OK…

pin 1 (+) on the Falcon is connected to the 5-17V pin on the Swift via red wire
pin 2 (-) on the Falcon is connected to the GND pin on the Swift via the black wire
pin 3 (Unmarked) on the Falcon is connected to Video on the Swift via the yellow wire

I assume that pin 4 on the Falcon, which goes to the original camera via the green wire is either not needed or the ground wire for the video signal. I’ve tried connecting it to the camera along with GND and then instead of the yellow wire but still no signal.

Here’s a photo of my temporary patch cable, I did make a 3 wire JST to JST cable but am using this one for testing.

Thanks again.

Hi, thanks for the picture, and as far as that goes it looks all correct. However just make sure that those metal contacts done touch as that could wreck your camera :boom: :camera:. But I am sure you knew that already :wink:

Hi, Looks like the Swift is not compatible with the transmitter, that’s the only thing I can think of. The RunCam works fine when plugged directly into the TV or goggles but no picture when plugged into the Falcon. The original Falcon camera works fine with the same cable that I’ve made for the RunCam.

Not sure what to do next, maybe replace the transmitter? Seems a pity but if that’s what it takes…

Hey man the transmitter doesn’t produce enough power to the camera , I’m having the same issue, it only puts out about 4 volts. I was thinking of running the camera directly from the battwr . haven’t hooked it up yet, but I’m jot sure what the volts are coming off the battery, volt meter broke. But in using 1500 3s for now and I think the camera would he fine powered directly from the battery

Yeah it should be as runcam swift can accept power from 5v to 17v

Yeah connecting to the battery soldering joints works so the only thing I have connected to the transmitter is the video wire(yellow) and I’m running the power and ground under the flight controller to the back of power distribution board.

Thanks guys. I’ll give it a go too and report back…