Foxxer Arrow v3 vs Runcam Swift 2

Hi there

Just wondering if people have experience with these cameras and what are their thoughts? I’m deciding for my first proper build and I’m sick and tired of rubbish cameras!

Side not is 330 grams all up weight without a battery on a Qav 210 good? People talk of super light of 250!
It will be rocking some Returner/Hyperlight/Zmx 2205 2300 motors.

Cheers in advance

Ok Hi
Have used both cameras.
Much the same.
Both awesome with integral osd for volts ( and time n name if one wanted) and very good cams. ( remember to switch dwdr to on in the menu )
The arrow volts display is adjustable ( you can add or subtract to the volt integer ) not sure the swift is.
I prefer the arrow as I like a 2.8 lens and the swift , I think , has 2.5 as its narrowest option. ( though obvs both are changeable )
The swift side-mounting screws are possibly better.
As far as weight of craft goes , seems years since any one was fussed ( apart from micro ) certainly with the fancy motors you mentioned I think it would be a hard job to keep it down !
( my 180 with boring 2205 is 350g then has +50g for hd dvr cam and +150g for 4s batt.
It doesn’t hang about )
Remember that any fpv cam that is powered direct off flight battery will sooner or later fail (“voltage spikes”) with modern active braking escs


Thanks for that!

Will probably get the arrow v3 as I prefer what it looks likes!! Planning on running it on a 5v/12v regulator to avoids those spikes! The motors on the other hand are actullly pretty cheap at £12 a motor

Yeah I agree at the end of the day they are very close as they use the same sensor just slightly different firmware tweaks from foxer/runcam. Just with runcam is has to be black/orange!