Foxeer Arrow V2 (Guide/ Review)

hi guys!

i reccieved a foxeer Arrow V2 a couple of weeks ago and have been testing it out since then.

so in the box you get the basic camera but with 2 cases!

it comes with a 2.5 lens which i think is great beacuse of the extra field of view.
TThi awesome camera is one of the best cameras out there and the main thing why you should by this is because of its built in OSD that tells you the name, flying time an even voltage! How awesome isnt hat!?
other things in the kit is: three types of mounting hardware,an OSD controller wich has a removeable cable so you dont have to carry the controller onyour ship, hehe. the plug to the camera has a small 7-pin connector for the camera where two are for the OSD remote and the rest are for: video in, audio, positive VSEN and ground. in the other end there is a standard servo plugg.
The VSEN Cable are new for foxeer cameras and that is the cable you get your voltage to the osd from. Simply plug it in direct to your power source.( up to 35 Volts)
The “purpleish” cable are for VSEN.

Audio you say? YES this camera have a built in microphone!

other things you might want to know about this camera is the low light capability.
and i have to say that it performs very well in the dark due to the black and white…
havent got any flight footage yetim sad to say… but i captured a comparition between my phone camera (galaxy s6 edge+) and the foxeer arrov v2 feed.
yes i know it isnt complete dark but its quite dark in the room.

tell me what you think. and if you have any qustions im glad to answer it as good as i can!

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