Faulty EV800D FPV True Diversity FPV Goggles (no video)

Fault Description:
The goggles appear to tune to the frequency of the camera but only show a black image. (They did initially work). I have tried with other cameras and video transmitters and see the same issue.
Attempted Troubleshooting:
As mentioned have tried other cameras and video transmitters that I know are working


Thank you for the image, it looks like the issue is actually with the camera and not the goggles, as showing a black screen and no static suggests it is getting a signal, but just no image, suggesting that the camera is not outputting a valid image.

Are you able to test with another VTX/Camera to see if you still have the same issue so we can isolate the cause of the fault

Hello, My apologies it was the camera. I had tried a second camera but that also had an issue.

So all is well.

Thank you