Video Signal Fades to Static

I’m using this mini vtx video transmitter, these Eachine VR007 Goggles, and this omnibus F4 flight controller.
The strangest thing is happening. I turn on the transmitter, and I plug in the battery. I can see a crystal clear image through the FPV goggles. 30 seconds goes by and the clear image fades into complete static. I unplug the battery and plug it back it, still static. This has happened twice. I gave it a few hours and charged the batteries on the goggles and the same thing happened again.
Any idea what this could be?

Sounds like the vtx is getting too hot and most of them turn down the vtx power levels as the unit gets to avoid the unit overheating.

See if keeping the vtx cool has any affect to see if this is the cause of he problem and let us know

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Yes, actually I did notice the VTX getting quite hot. How can I prevent this form happening? I suppose when I have the props on and am going 50 + mph it should stay pretty cool, no?

Yeah, I would test that, but it could also be that your vtx is faulty…

So when testing, make sure you fly low to the ground just incase you loose video. If it still.gets too hot then you might need to contact BG to get a replacement

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