Upgrade wizard fpv cam

I want to upgrade my wizard cam
Any body recommend a camera ?
Runcam ?
Which one ?
Where from ?
Unmanned tech ?
I’ve got skyzone goggles
Thanks in advance for any help

Hi Julian,

I can always recommend the HS1177 :slight_smile:


Yeah the HS1177 is a great option and still popular, but recently runcam have released the sparrow series which work great during the daytime. And they are cheaper than teh runcam swift.

You can get them just about everywhere, but I would prefer if you got them from us as you can apprecaite :stuck_out_tongue:, we have both HS1177, and a bunch of runcams, and other generic cheaper cameras too.

So see abit more about the sparrow camera, check out the comparison I did yesterday comparing swift to the sparrow cameras.

Hi thanks for your reply s
I’m fortunately too late as I purchased a runcam swift from unmanned
I can’t fit it the pc repair shop can’t fit it
Looks like it’s back to the old cam for me

Wish I’d got you message
Sooner :disappointed:

Both Cameras are very similar… There is not really a wrong or right between this two Cameras :slight_smile:
I think you made a great choice on the Swift too ! :slight_smile:


I can find any one to fit it
The connections are all different

I would say, send it to Germany, ill do it and send it back… :smiley: But its very expenisve to ship… :frowning:


I wish :slight_smile:
I’ve sent it back to unmanned so thats ok gonna stick with stock cam for now

Hi Luca
Do you know if the HS1177 is the same fitting as the stock cam
Is it worth me doing or would you just stick with stock cam ?
Thanks in advance

If you send a photo of the stock cam, I can check with the camera we have in stock and let you know… its hard to tell from memory!

Is that ok or do I need to take apart
Have you received runcam back ?

Few days back I upgraded fpv cam. Its very useful and its does not expensive. I upgraded cam from Los Angeles. Now I’m enjoying drone racing game because of HD cam.

I think its very similar to the stock cam…
I think the shape is inspired of the Hs1177 :slight_smile:

Cheers Luca