Unmanned Tech HS1177 camera - does if differ from Foxeer/Runcam Swift and is it the V2?

Regarding the HS1177 camera that Unmanned Tech are selling, is there any difference between this one and the Foxeer HS1177 and Runcam Swift? In terms of specs? Also, saw the other day that there is a V2 out from Foxeer - what’s the upgrade?

Hi there,
I can confirm that there is no difference in specs between the Unmanned Tech HS1177 and cameras such as the Foxeer HS1177 and Runcam Swift - it uses the same processing chip and same sensor (1/3” Sony SUPER HAD II CCD). We just manufacture these cams ourselves and so we can offer these at a lower price. We just call them the HS1177 so people know what to look for.

As for the V2, the only upgrade is a more colouful case that is made from metal as opposed to our plastic case.