Cleanflight v Betaflight

Hi All.
As I am just about to do my first build, I am confused as to which configurator to use, I have a SP Racing F3 Controller, and notice that this board is listed on both of these configurators, so is one better than the other? or are they much the same.

Cleanflight 2.0 is now a merge with Betaflight
These two configurators have developed side by side over the past few years and what the hobby has now is arguably the best of both worlds
IMHO I suggest you work with CF 2.0 for your SP F3 board the firmware for that is only weeks old.
Hope this helps
Steve :grinning:

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Hi Steve
Thanks very much for the info, that is very helpful, I had already looked at CF and it seems quite user friendly so will have a go with that.

Betaflight so much better…but that’s imo…

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CleanFlight 2.0 is the best.

I used the same board with both clenaflight and betaflight. Not much difference but betaflight is newer and more up to date.