Betaflight buggy AF? (rant)


so until recently ive used cleanflight, because of the old f3 board i used. ive now upgraded to an F4 board and it used betaflight. from when i was using cleanflight i found betaflight was all the rage, but now ive come to use it and i actually really dislike it.

save and reboot, well saves and reboots, but i always lose connection to the com port and then betaflight goes non responding, i have to ALWAYS disconnect the USB and reconnect again.

switching tabs takes forever because it says waiting for data and when looking in the receiver tab at the model spinning its laggy on the controls. i.e if i yaw it takes at least 2-3 seconds for betaflight to show it.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Hi there, I personally have had COM problems in the past, but what you’re experiencing may not be the Betaflight configurator at fault… Which version of BF are you running on your quad? Have you used ImpulseRC’s driver fixer to see if it magic-fixes your problem? Also, BetaFlight has grown in popularity a lot, but we all need to remember that it is inherently prone to odd bugs, it is "Beta"flight after all :slight_smile:

Im running 3.5.1 i updated that just this morning. Ive managed to sort out all of the drivers using zidag as i had to make it show DFU so i could update it.

I dont think its my quad, but probably something to do with betaflight and connecting to the USB.

If i get that sick of it i might just change the firmware to cleanflight

you using old laptop or new ish one. when I switch to betaflight my lappy is so slow compared to using cleanflight on.
I use my desktop to set up and lappy for small adjustments.
i do agree with you the save and reboot is rather annoying.

Its a pretty powerful gaming PC that ive got, so im finding it hard to believe that it could be my system.

The rebooting is a nightmare, i could save and reboot and it would just go non responding.

Unplug, close program l, wait a few seconds. Plug back in, open program. Non responding. Unplug again, close program. Plug back in open again yadda yadda. Very tedious.

Hello Dayvurd
Not that I know anything about RC in general, but I do know a little about computers.
Is it possible for you to try Betaflight on a computer running Linux?
I have had problems on Windows 10 computers and also Windows 7/8. These problems went away when I used Linux as all the relevant drivers are built in to the OS.
I have now mostly fixed the Windows computers to operate more reliably by installing the ImpulseRC_driver_fixer.exe file.

My BF does seem a little more flaky than normal

Save and Reboot some times needs a second before I can reconnect
On the odd occasion I’ve had to restart the app

Shame really

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Sooo thats it, ive changed the firmware to cleanflight and its been running so much smoother since. Green > Yellow :smirk: