Connecting Rx to D-link F3 V2


Im new to these forums and to racing quads so sorry if this question seems silly but im learning. I recently brought the Diatone Tyrant S with the D-link flight control board pre installed.I already had a Hi-tec aurora 9 Tx and i find there is very little info about both the board and TX. I was trying to find out if a Minima 6L would connect with the D-link F3 , but found no information online about what the d-link required? so after buying them both i find that i cant connect them as my RX as it doesn’t have PPM or S.BUS? Is there any way i can connect these with say a PPM encoder/Adapter( if so can you link me a good one) ? or another way?

Thank you for your help!

Well Ive done about 4 hours of research and it seems simple enough now, my receiver is PWM since hitec dont make PPM or SBUS. So I i can buy a PPM encoder and i recon that should fix the problem. But im a bit worried about the lag of using this encoder?

It would probably best if you could get an an SBUS receiver as any ppm encoder will introduce latency. That said unless you are a top tier fpv racing pilot i doubt you will notice the couple extra latency, but in general probably best to just get a ppm or digital receiver with SBUS/ibus

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Yeah it would , its a shame the only official receiver Hitec do is the optima SL which is £100+ and its very chunky. so it wouldnt fit in my tyrant S and I dont really want to get a new TX either. The encoder only adds 50-70 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) so I dont think it will really matter to be honest.the encoder was only £4 so if it doesnt ive now found some 3rd party receivers maybe by fFsky that have PPM output and they are only £11 . Hopefully Hitec will release some smaller SBUS receivers in the future but its unlikely :cry:

Flysky/Frsky gear is good and they have a decent selection of receivers :slight_smile: I think Hitec’s days are numbered unless they drop their prices or invent something compelling as I could argue that Frisky make better R/C gear nowadays since they leverage the open source community

Yeah true but as a novice when I first got into the hobby, Hitec seemed to be the complete and easy package with telemetry and a screen for programming .But as I learn more I see how behind they are really.I just hope they release some of PPM Rx’s and yeah more reasonably priced kit, bare that in mind though I got the minima 6L for £23 which wasn’t bad at all ,but its not much good when others are moving away from PWM so they really do need to catch up. I definitely feel there isnt much of a community backing Hitec compared to frsky etc. You can modify some of the optima range to output PPM but its very long winded and with my skills I wouldn’t bother trying haha!
Luckily some of the frsky receivers work well (apparently) with the aurora 9, so I’ve ordered one now and ill see how it goes, there are also some other modules I can pick up for it which will broaden my choices also!

hey unmannedtech, I have Just bought a tyrant s 215. I am a bit of a noob but can I connect it to my flysky fs-i6B?? Just on ppm mode.

Yeah you can use just about any Rx with the tyrant S, so long as it outputs ppm, or SBUS (or similar serial protocol ). Once connected just remember to tell betaflight what receiver type you are using :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. Already noticing that the fpv drone community is very helpfull and I learn a lot from it!

Just an update , for anyone with a Hitec aurora. The PPM encoder has arrived and works well with the minima 6l i brought. Ive noticed no latency and it only cost £4, its tiny and weighs almost nothing. The other receiver
(FrSky AFHSS hitec compatible) I brought also works really well on PPM! It also very small, its a 4ch but when using PPM its 8ch and much cheaper than all of the. I haven’t tested ranges yet but it works well with my tyrant S (if the FC hadnt blown)

All in all im happy I found these!