Hitec Aurora 9 Mods


I brought the Aurora 9 about 3 years ago now and its served me rather well! However now as I’m getting into mini drones more the receivers aren’t great and non of them have PPM,SBUS,RSSI etc. Are there any known mods out there or modules that easily connect with the Hitec range? Id also like to increase the dB of the antenna so if i could be directed to some videos or other forums that would be much appreciated.


All you need is a new reciever for your radio that outputs SBUS/ppm. There are two options that i can think of that you can look into

  1. You can get a new hitech recover that supports SBUS like the Optima sl8 or similar
  2. You can get a hitech compatible receiver that supports SBUS/ppm output such as the frsky delta 8

I use the Frsky Delta 8 with my Futaba T8J transmitter, it works so well I have 4 of them !! :grin::grin:
So recommended by me
Steve :slight_smile:

The optima 8 is so expensive and large unfortunately I have some of those frsky delta 8 receivers and they work great give me RSSI and PPM! shame they are so large! would never fit in a brushed/tiny whoop. As for the antenna id like to try get a sma connector on my radio if I can so i can add some higher dB antennas.

I take the Delta 8’s PCB out of the case, remove the header and directly solder 28awg silicon wire to the pads I need, usually just 4, and cover in heatshrink.
This makes them a lot flatter and much easier to mount.