Connect Hitec Minima 6 to F3 Evo Brushed or Naze 32

Im newbie and I wanna build my drone. I have Hitec Flash 7 transmitter, and I am trying to learn, how build up electronic. Because Hitec transmitter I have to use Minima or Optima etc. receivers. In Naze 32 and F3 Evo guides, what I found in this forum is great complex of information, but unfortunatelly, I have no idea how to wiring Hitec receivers to these FCs :-( Can you help me please, maybe right link could be enough :-) Unfortunately Google didnt help me…

Thank you very much.

Hi Daniel @NzPerX

As far as I can tell these receivers only have PWM outputs, that’s one channel wire for EACH channel signal.

This means that you have to connect at least 5 signal wires from the receiver to the flight controller, five is the minimum for a multirotor (pant, tilt, throttle, yaw, flight mode selection)
Most controllers released this year do not have PWM support instead opting for S-Bus, PPM etc. where ALL channel signals go through one wire. However there still some F1 F3 boards that will do PWM

Let us know what your proposed parts list is for your quad and we can advise further.
Hope this helps
Steve :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas :christmas_tree: :sparkles:

Hello Stephen,

Merry Christmas :slight_smile: Thank you for your information. as I wrote before, I am newbie. I am trying to fly with NightHawk 200 race drone (not very succesfully :-D) and bundle with this drone was transmitter Hitec Flash 7. My idea was starting my built up carieer with something simple. I found Cheerson cx 117.

It is kit with F3 EVO flight controller and no receiver. Well, I am looking for possibilities how to connect this FC to Hitec. I dont want spend more money to buy new type of transceiver :frowning:

Next idea was build up something from scratch on small frame with Naze 32. Unfortunatelly, how I see, I have not enought skills with elektronics :slight_smile:

So that is my situation.

Thank for your advice.


Ahhh I see now, sorry I should have read your post more clearly

You need one of these…

which will bridge the gap between your receiver and the F3 EVO flight controller. It converts the receivers separate PWM channels to a combined PPM signal which the FC will accept.

Steve :slight_smile:

Very interesting :slight_smile: Thank you very much! I will looking for it, unfortunately in linked shop is out of stock.

Buy :slight_smile:

This company has stock

But only one !!!


Hello! I am using a Hitec Minima compatible receiver in my Racer Drones and have the option of configuring it to use it with PPM protocol, I believe that any drone racer controller can use PPM protocol in the receiver port.

Long live the Hitec Aurora! :sunglasses:

And this one also uses it in larger drones with PPM protocol

Thank you very much crackup :slight_smile: I am just waiting for package from Hobbyking: 2.4Ghz A-FHSS Compatible 5CH Micro Receiver (Hitec Minima compatible) It looks like best solution :smiley:
I am trying build up pwm-ppm converter: for Minima.

Thank you!


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Hello! Ready, installed Hitec Minima Compatible running in PPM mode and ready for rock and roll

It looks perfect :smile: Congratulation! I am still waiting for parts…