Matek F722-STD FC + pulse 2.0 receiver

Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone can help me find out how I connect the Pulse 2.0 receiver to Matek F722-STD Flight Controller. The transmitter manual don’t have any protocol mentioned so I’m not sure how to connect the receiver to FC. Help

Transmitter + receiver manual -

FC -

Did you set the correct Protocol and Receiver Options in the Configuration Tab?

I don’t have the FC yet. I’m going to buy it and I wanted to know how to/even possible to connect my receiver before I buy the FC
eg: the wiring etc…

Looking at the manual for your TX and RX I see no mention of PMM/IBus or SBus protocols…’
But a PWM output for each channel.

Looking at your FC… I don’t think they will work together.
It may be worth upgrading your TX i’m afraid.