Matek F722 STD fixed wing install

I just got the new matek f722 STD and have no clue as to how to hook up the 2 servors, receiver, ESC, PDB.

Any takers on this?

Are you using Inav software, and are you using a flying wing, or a more traditional fixed wing with ailerons, elevator and rudder?

Here is the pinout of the Matek F722-STD board:

and here are the pin definitions depending on what software/platform you have loaded onto it.

But basically you will need to hook up some sort of power distribution harness to power your servos/ESC as the signal wire (orange wire from your servo) will need to go to the S2, S3, S4 pins on the bottom of the FC, and the orange wire from your ESC will need to go to s1.

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Ok, got it. Now the GPS is needed.