Frustrated newbie help.......again! (Nighthawk pro 200 setup)

Hello all :slight_smile:
This is it:
I’ve been given for my birthday a Nighthawk Pro 200 powered by a Tattu LiPo 4s battery with Flysky FS I6 transmitter and FPV goggles;
I’m absolutely overjoyed but haven’t the faintest clue of what to do to get it flying.
I’ve read up an awful lot of info from people who really know what to do; have attempted configuring/binding the receiver, but also can’t understand why there’s nowhere to plug in ALL the channels for control surfaces.
IN BRIEF, I have no idea where to go from here!!
HELP PLEASE!!! :scream::zipper_mouth::upside_down::upside_down:

To start, could you let me know what receiver you are using and how you have connected it.

Once your receiver is hooked up and working it should be possible to follow this guide on how to get everything setup as the wizard uses the same basic flight controller (although the nighthawk 200 FC has different connectors)

Thank you Alex for your reply.
The receiver I have is a Park fly FS-IA6, 6 channel, 2.4Ghz receiver.
It has six three-pin, numbered channel connectors and what is I suppose, the binding connector marked B/VCC ?
(I don’t understand that there is only one three-pin connector available on the quad and how this can control All the control surfaces.
Also that apart from the XT60 battery connector, the battery has a five-pin connector which I don’t know what to do with!)
The Nighthawk is also equipped with a video camera and antenna, and I don’t know how to connect this up either!
To which channel connector should the Nighthawk be connected?
So many questions!
Thank you for your help and in the meantime I’ll look at the guide…

Thanks, your reciever uses pwm where each channel uses a single wire and nowadays most quads use ppm or SBUS where all channels use a single wire. Read more about that here:

So either you will need to get a ppm/SBUS reciever, there are a bunch compatible with the flysky radio you have. Or you will need to open up your nighthawk and use a cable harness to connect to the FC, but off hand I can’t recall if the FC on the nighthawk supports pwm. But if you need help I can check one we have in stock

Thanks for that Alex.
Am a little surprised the nighthawk was delivered with a pwm receiver WITHOUT a cable harness, as the person who gave the quad to me ordered from Unmannedtech, stating specifically that this kit was for a beginner and to suggest ALL that would be needed to get started!
I would be most grateful if you could check the one you have in stock to see IF it supports pwm, because if it does not, I now have to purchase ANOTHER receiver - surely a case of misinformation?! :frowning2:

If that is what one of us told the person who ordered I can only apologise and will look into that, as it does sound like some miscommunication. We sell lots of similar products so sometimes make a mistake. But if that is the case we will make it right by swapping your Rx for one that does work. Just send support an email with a link to this thread along with the order number so can get it sorted for you :slight_smile:

Hello Alex,
Am back now and have duly sent “support” the link to this thread, together with copies of the order number on the invoice and the email which details the exchange my sister had with Sam regarding “start-up” requirements…
Thanks for your help: am REALLY looking forward to getting this thing to fly! :wink: :relaxed:

Thanks I will get this sorted out for you