Current Meter with Diatone D-Link FC?


I set up my Tyrant S in Cleanflight and (almost) got the telemetry working on my Taranis with the XSR Receiver.

But I can’t get the Ampere Sensor to work.

I connected:

-GND and +5V from FC to Receiver
-SBUS port of the receiver with the SBUS port on the FC.

With these connections I could control the Quad.

For Telemetry I added:

-Smart port of XSR Receiver to TX and RX connector of UART2 of the FC

Then I set up cleanflight (most of it was trial and error)

  • I activated the current sensor and Battery voltage sensor. VBAT works but there is no current sensing.

Did I do something wrong?

Thank you.

Have you made sure to enable the current sensor within cleanflight? It should be under the configuration tab and usualy has its own little box with all the parameters associated to the current sensor.:

(i know above screenshot is for betaflight, but I already had this on my PC as part of another guide, but its the same thing, just with green instead of yellow ;-))

Once enabled if it still does not work could you share some pics of how you connected everything?

Hello, thank you for your reply.

I have the same settings in Cleanflight (without the grey field)

I installed a new VTX with OSD (Diatone SP3) and everything connected as follows:

There is a reading for Battery Voltage in the OSD and in the Taranis.
There is a ?incorrect? reading for ampere in the OSD (does not react to reving up the motors and is even displayed when the VTX to UART connection is disconnected) and a 0.0 reading in the Taranis
There is an RSSI reading in the Taranis, but not in the OSD.

I am really confused

I tried switching the two UART’s but if the Telemetry is set to UART1 the setup does not work in Cleanflight (loses the saved data that the receiver is a Serial SBUS receiver and has to be configured again) and there is no telemetry reading in the Taranis. So i figured that connection has to be in the (in flight direction) right port of the two UARTS.
And when I switch the OSD to the right UART it says " no data, disarmed" (and cannot be armed with the motor) It works fine at the left UART port, except for the RSSI Reading and the incorrect and not responding ampere data.

Firstly you will need to connect the battery voltage to the Batt+ and Batt- pads on the FC for it to read info from the current sensor (unless I am missing something in the photo)

As for uarts, usualy best to use OSD on UART1, as this is used by USB port and cant be used if you have USB connected, so best not to use this for your receiver. I dont have the pinout fo the FC infront of me and cant recall which connector corresponds to whichever UART port. But happy to hear you got it figured out :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you get this figured out. I just received my Diatone Tyrant S and Im trying to figure this out too. Im using Betaflight but the solution will be the same I think.


Do you need to connect also the motor power wires to the corresponding pads on the FC to get the current sensor to work?
Or is it enough to connect only the VBAT+ and the VBAT- to the pads on the FC? Do they need to be thick wires or are they only “sensing”? Can I “steal” the VBAT+and- from one of the motor connection pads because the Tyrant S PDB does not seem to have any spare VBAT pads…

I am really no electronics guy so I am really confused.

Thank you for the help!