(X8R receiver) Jumper T12 range is low

I bought a x8r receiver from Unmannedtech and I have tested the receiver with Jumper t12. I can take the receiver just about 75 meters and the signal is lost. Please help, X8r says it has a range of 1.5km? I used these both antennas on the Transmitter but same results. Am I forgetting something here?

Are the antennas 2.4 Ghz?
At least the red one looks like a 5.8 Ghz :thinking: (correct me if im wrong)
Could you show us how you mounted your receiver?
That would help a lot.

Black antenna is the one that jumper t12 came with and red one is - 4-Lobe Cloverleaf Antenna SMA, RHCP (Red) - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop
The receiver is mounted for pwm connection. ESC connects to slot 1 and a test servo connected to another slot.
The receiver is connected to jumper t12 via external module, selected d8 option when binded. (I didn’t bind with LBT EU)
(I’ll post a pic tomorrow if needed)

Servo + motor works great, but after I move them apart about 75 meters, receiver light turns red and looses signal. when I move back, they connect back again.

Anyone thinks the d8 is causing this issue? Something I found about range…

Source - RC-SOAR - the Blog: EU, non-EU/World and EU-LBT - module firmware demystified

Update -
Receiver binding new setting is Mode 5 (earlier mode 1)

This is the RSSI values im getting. comparing next to the receiver and just walked 50 feet inside my house and RSSI value went down to 50.

Update -

I have tested this with my other receiver ( Flysky FS-A8S 2.4G 8CH Mini Receiver (V2)) and the same results. I have walked about 75 meters along the road the signal getting lost at the same place.
So this might not be the receiver but it’s Jumper t12.

Please help, anyone got any ideas? :roll_eyes::frowning_face:

Does the street go downhill?
Is there stuff in the way? (Houses etc…)

Nope, but there are buildings here, it’s a town…

Try doing your range tests outside of the town and if possible bring the setup in the air…
The range will probably increase dramatically.

I’ve done this and here are the results.

  1. Range Test
    Starting point to alarm(40 RSSI) = 40m
    Stating point to lost signal (0 RSSI) = 70m
    Location = empty park, no obstructions

  2. Normal signal test
    Staring point to 120m = 70 RSSI (This is not constant though, went to 30s sometimes then back up tp 60s RSSI)
    Location = empty park, couple of trees were around

  3. Normal signal test 2
    Staring point to 220m = signal lost (Sometimes went to 10 RSSI in between for a second then back up)
    Location = same park but there were trees obstructing. It was a bit raining and windy.

These were ground tests. Is this normal readings?
Should I change the Jumper t12 module to a different one?

Have you tried swapping the antenna on the jumper to a wifi router antenna or something?
FYI that red cloverleaf is made for 5.8ghz and will get terrible results.

Not really, I don’t have any other antennas…

the Antenna on the left is a onmi directional unused on FPV setups, Ether googles or quad.

The one on the left is a “rubber ducky” antenna and is general just crap.

With the RX mounting on a quad, it can be mostly down to how the antenna are mounted and if they are near or touching carbon.

Then the Rx and Tx are next to each other the Tx will just flood the Rx and will give you a very weaker signal.

The manual may say upto 1.5km range but that will be in a empty area with no interface and flying in the air above the ground, ( lower to the ground the weaker the signal )

I would do test flights at least 40min above the ground.

Would this improve signal? It is directional so I have to point it where I’m flying…

That would help,
Your just have to remember its directional and where the dead spots are