FS-A8S Receiver. Low Range

Hi fellas!

I just broke the frame of my Wizard X220s on the maiden flight due to what I believe was a failsafe. Before braking the frame, the same disconnection happened twice. The quad was no more than 20 mt away from me and fell like a stone to the ground.This is my first 5" inch quad (and also brushless one) and I love it but now I’m sitting waiting to replace the frame…

I was reading and investigating and I found some vague comment, like this is a problem already known with this receiver. In fact my last quad (Husban H122D) was achiving triple the distance with a toy-like transmitter. So something gotta be wrong.

I am using a Fly Sky FS-I6X transmitter.

Can you guys please confirm if that is the case, that this receiver is not doing its job? And also which Flysky receiver do you recommend.

PD: Yes I will eventually go to Frsky but I’m struggling to purchase the frame, so the QX7 will not be an option at the moment =P

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Frame wise just get a source one frame. Only about £30 delivered and an utter tank

As to the rx… can’t advise as I never used flysky

Not sure if this helps but I had a similar problem with this receiver and an F7 flight board. The quad (GepRC Cinewoop 4K) was configured as SBUS in betaflight as the receiver is supposed to be IBUS I changed it and experienced exactly the issues that you are describing. When I switched back to SBUS I got full range again.

It’s a long shot but might be worth a try?


Thanks! I’ll consider it. :ok_hand:

Thanks Rob!! I’ll check that just in case!

Have you tried switching it back to Sbus to see if the range issue is still present?