Eachine wizard x220s - few issues with getting it to work

Hey Gang,

I have an Eachine Wizard X220S running the Following:
Omnibus F4 AIRB
Transmitter FS-A8S
Receiver is a Flysky i6x.

The issue that I’m having is that it will arm and the LED light is solid and then it goes back to slow blink.
AUX 1 has been programmed to be the arm button…

I’m struggling with getting it to arm and get a response. I’ve been on youtube for days and gone into a black hole.

If anyone can help me out with this I’d be grateful!

is this a new one, brought secondhand have you seen ,had it flying?

I bought it brand new, I flew it once and then I touched something in betaflight and now it’s fucked.

is it calibrated level, depending on settings wont arm if it thinks it over 25 degrees( if you accidentally hit calibrate acc when holding it will think this is the new level)
make sure throttle goes below 1000us and arm on switch is going to arm in modes tab.

also when you say you touched something you dint try to update firmware did you!

Hey Dale,
Cheers for the response.
Yes it’s calibrated and set to 180 degrees so it can take off at angles.

The throttle is below 1000us and arm is correct.

I think messed with something in the receiver tab, I can’t remember if it’s a ppm or pwm.
I’m sure it’s something to do with that tab, because on my receiver it doesn’t show the quads battery level

defo wont be pwm if receiver is FS-A8S its either ppm or sbus, but you then say that throttle is less than 1000 and arm switch is ok. so if receiver ok it should fly, you appear to have receiver input.

in receiver mode is it meant to be (serial based receiver or ppm rx input ?)

if receiver set to ppm it needs to be set to ppm , if receiver in sbus mode set to sbus but first make sure the correct uart is set. i think you may have TOUCHED more that 1 thing
if you get flying my advice is DONT MESS WITH SOMETHING THATS WORKING

Try using Dshot, in a joshua bardwell video he uses dshot and works, or just try changing the protocol!