Wraith32 fried under low load

Hi, I recently bought some Wraith32s for a build and finished installing them last night. After connecting them all up and giving them a spin above idle without props on the bench, two of them quickly overheated and died at the same time. They got really hot. All motors were ok. The two that died were configured for reverse. Latest blheli32 was installed and temp and current protection was active. Is this just bad luck? Should I try again with some replacements or should I cut my losses and just get some blheli_s escs? This post F80 + Wraith32 Plus went up in smoke - Page 2 - RC Groups seems to suggest there maybe some sort of problem.

There are a few poeple having some issues with BLHeli32, but I guess thats the price to pay for being on the cutting edge. My opinion is that unless you are an exceptional pilot and care about running at 70Khz motor updates and have a 32Khz gyro, Dshot 600 on a BLheli_S ESC is more than good enough…

Also if you did buy your ESC from us, if you can send some more details on the setup and connection we might be able to get your two ESC replaced if it was a hardware failure, or offer a discounted replacement.

I had it the wrong way round, the two that surived are configured for reverse. I have one spare and v32.2 has just come out. In the interests of science, I might as well throw the dice once more…

The spare one seems to be working fine in both directions, so maybe I was just very unlucky with a couple of duds.

I’ve now replaced the other fried one with the replacement you kindly sent, and that too is working - on the bench and in the air. I forgot to mention, all running a pre-release of blheli32 32.3 (32.2 got withdrawn and i dont want to risk trying 32.1 again).

It didn’t last :disappointed: voltage regulator has gone on another two, this time the back two motors. The motors weren’t even armed when it happened.