BLHeli_32 (Wraith32 Plus) Low KV


Is BLHeli_32 good for use with T-Motor 4006? I had one fail yesterday (Wraith 32 Plus). Luckily it was while testing without propellers.

What exactly is the difference between a usual ESC like HobbyWing X-Rotor and these BLHeli or SimonK ESCs?

They’re a lot lighter and I’d like to be able use them if they’re reliable.


I would say, that you can use these Esc’s…
The difference is just the Software… (I THINK. Im sorry if im wrong… Maybe wait one hour, unmannedtech knows everything… :smile:

I would say, that BLHeli Esc’s are very reliable… Im using them only, and had’nt any issues with them…
You can download the configurator for BLheli here:

I hope i was able to help you a little bit :slight_smile:


There is no fundamental differences between regular ESC or blheli, blheli_s or blheli32 as the all use MOSFETs Townsend voltage to brushless motors in a specific timings.

However has @Luca said, the difference is software. With the latest and greatest being blheli 32. But the primary focus of developers recently is the fpv racing scene where update speed is everything and for high kv motors. So there are a bunch of custom protocols like Dshot, oneshot and multiahot that send updates crazy fast to the motors.

But they should still work fine for your motors, you might modify the settings to work well. The best thing I like about the Blheli32 ESC is that you can set current/voltage limiting so your ESC should never fry or overheat which is a massive safety feature.

As for your issue you said one has failed, could you let me know what problem you had so we can try look into this as I am innregular contact with the designer of the wraith32 esc’s

PS: thanks Luca for your kind works but i have come a long way but I still feel like i know nothing! but try to help where I can!


Thank you both for your help!

@unmannedtech1 Wraith32 Plus started fine. I was running a motor test to confirm correct rotation and it stopped after a while. All it did was the LED keeps flashing. I disconnected the motor and hooked it to PSU and it kept tripping the OCP and flashing LED.

I can send it to you if you’d like investigate.

Is BLHeli_S okay for low KV motors? I’m thinking of getting the Cicada F30A 4-in-1. Will save me around 300g over KDE 55HVC I currently have on my build.

I would say, that BLHeli is okay for low KV Motors… Im not an Expert, but i dontn think, there is a huge difference :slight_smile:

I am trying to run the KDE3520XF-400 motors using these 50A ESCs, but without luck. With default settings, the motor only jitters every 0.8 seconds. If I increase the Rampup Power, the motor spins and accelerates (proportional with how high Rampup Power is set), but it gets out of sync and gets hot very quickly.
By comparison, the KDEXF-UAS55HVC runs incredibly smooth.
Any tips? Thank you!


some other guy and I had similar problems as described here, but with other motors (T-Motor F80) and they were even damaged. I bought the wraith32 plus at unmannedtech, but opened a thread on rcgroups and contacted airbot directly. Here is the whole thread with all the information we’ve colletected so far: F80 + Wraith32 Plus went up in smoke - RC Groups