Chaos Esc opinions




Any opinions or reviews about the CHAOS BLHELI_S DSHOT ESC

They look like some good esc for the size


Not that my opinion counts much as its slightly biased :wink: but we like them which is why we decided to sell them. So far initial feedback from customers has also been positive. If you want to make a review on them let me know your plans and I am sure we can send you a couple to test?



That would be great. I am on the look for some good esc to upgrade my racers to Dshot and these look like a good deal. Will place an order soon


Yeh I spotted them yesterday and the cost caught my eye. I’ve purchased a set, pretty compelling for the price!


That is why we decided to start selling them :-), so if you have any feedback it would be greatly appreciated as we have only tested with a few FC’s and motors and have been very impressed so far.


Do they only support DShot or other protocols as well?


They run blhei-s firmware so also support all the other protocols like oneshot/multishot or regular pwm etc…


Thanks :slight_smile:


I bought a set and I’m looking forward to try them, @unmannedtech1 do you know if they need a cap removed in order to run dshot 600?
I know many esc are bound to use only dshot once the capacitor is removed, if these don’t need any modification and can run all blheli_s protocols, I’d say they are a great bargain for the price!!


Nope no mods required to run dshot 600 :slight_smile:


Hi! Just bought a set, planning to use dshot 600. Any thoughts on not running ground to the fc? Since it is a digital protocol, shouldn’t it work fine just with the signal wire?


I’ve just ordered 4 of the 20A version for my first learning kwad :slight_smile: Let’s hope they go easy on me.


I’ve just ordered a set myself 25a. Do you still need to install software to run Dshot?? or do you just select it in Betaflight?


They already have BLheli_S firmware on them, but I honestly cant recall what version (should be latest firmware from start of JAN) our current batch have , and what the default settings are :blush: as when using any ESC I always hook them up via passthrough mode to BLheli Configurator (as its super easy and convinent) to make sure the motors are spinning the correct way, and all the other settings are correct like mode, calibration etc…


So am I correct by thinking - as long as they have the latest BLheli software flashed to them we haven’t the the need to flash them with anything else?


Correct, however its always best to use the latest stable version, of Blheli_S as they always have improvements/bug fixes. All you need to do is make sure the throttle range of each ESC are between 1000us and 2000us since Dshot is entirely digital

Please Note that the screenshot below is not with the Chaos Dshot ESC, these are from one of my other quads I had with my at time time! - as i think the firmware version on the screenshot has confused some people.


Is the software A H 30 format for these ESC’s. I suppose if I’m patient - once you read the software from the ESC’s it will tell you ???

Hopefully they will arrive tomorrow :blush:


It´s not A H 30 and i learned the hard way… It was C H 15 on my 25A Escs but because i was getting some desync´s i forced the the A H 30 and now i can´t connect to escs… the startup tone still beeps but after that, nothing. Guess i killed the bootloader.

Is there a way i can reflash the correct Format ?


Any update on the reviews of the CHAOS BLHELI_S DSHOT ESC 30amp.

I seem to keep burning up my LittleBee blheli_s 20amp with Emax2205 2300kv motors with KingKong 5x4x3 prop combo.

So I think its time for a swap.


I obviously like them, but you must understand i am biased (just a little :wink: ).

However what since battery are you using the your RS2205 as usually I would suggest you need 25/30A as these motors can draw 20A easy with 3 blade props even on 3S