Chaos Esc problems desync on dshot

hi all
I have just fitted some new chaos 25amp esc to a new build and I am getting a desync issue on motor 3,you can fly around for a bit then you get a motor glitch or a desync on motor 3. I have change out the motor in case it was that but its still there any help would be great.
the build
210 x frame
3-br 2006 2500kv motors
Furious FPV Radiance fc
chaos 25 amp esc running d shot

Hmm, it’s strange that it’s just happening on the one ESC, so either it’s a setting issue, or that ESC has a hardware fault.

Could you hoot kit up to blheli configurator to check all the settings are the the other working ESC? And also of its the same firmware running on the suspect ESC?

Also another thing worth checking if you can swap the suspect ESC to another motor output on your FC so see if it’s the motor output or the actual.esc causing an issue. Sorry to suggest so many things, but we spent a lot of time making sure the chaos ESC are as close to perfect as possible and only have had 1 or two.faulry ones.

But if it’s faulty we will replace for you :slight_smile:

thanks for getting back to me so fast these are my 3rd set I have had off you and are really happy with them I did check the firmware and it looked good but I will check again just in case I did also change the motor out for a new as I did buy a few just in case. but I have not change the esc around I was just going to replace it and order one off you on Monday and it was my first neat build lol. but if you think I should move it I will 2m and let you no how I get on
thanks for getting back to me

hi Alex
I went and checked the firmware today and all looked good there but I did a flashed them all again just to be sure they were all the same on all esc and went out again to try it out but it was still the I went back to bataflight just to see if I was missing some thing in there but all next I did what you said and change the esc for the one opposite one put it back together and went for a fly it was all good for the first min then I did a roll that was okish so then I did a back flip and it just hit the ground and eat it self so came back change in out the new lipo which is now a bent and bashed and went out again it sill hovers nice but if you give it little punches you can here the desync again and the quad glitches left and right on the yaw axis really fast but it there and the motors have a funny sound when it happens but its really hard to pin point which one it is now as I don’t want it coming and hitting me in the face lol. any help would be great as I am lost now
thanks lee


Could you send me a flight log and I will talk to the ESC designer about this and maybe get the same motor to test out ourselves, but if its making that funny sound then definitely a sync issue I think :frowning: But now from what you said, its not just the one ESC anymore, but could be anyone? If you want I can send you a replacement ESC in the meantime.

hi there that would be great if you could send some to me please it is a bit worrying that now it could be more than the one doing the desync. but as far as send you a log of the flight I do not have a black box to do this on or is there any other way to this for you. sorry to ask this as I am still new really and have not got this far in the quad set up.
how do I go about giving you my details you mite have them as I only had them of you last week 25 amp one can give you my house number only if that helps
thanks again for you time helping me out :slight_smile:

Sure thing, I will do that tomorrow, best if you can give me your order number, (otherwise you can send me your postcode via a private message if you cant find your order number)

hi buddy this was my order number #34439
thanks mate

hi alex did you find my order buddy

Yeah, sorry for the delays, was kind of busy yesterday and kind of forgot about this thread :frowning: I have just created the replacement order so it will go out to you today.

ok thank you buddy

I had the same thing with those esc. Ended up putting them in the trash. That was after changing everything else.

Hi all Alex stayed true to his word and sent me out some to replace the ones I had off them thanks again now all is good.The only thing I am getting now is warm motors

hi all think I mite have to agree with paul_zug and throw these esc s in the trash, had my 3rd lipo and the same thing again desync and it feel out the sky can only be the escs and when I replaced them with the new ones off alex it was great went well but now my new foxeer v3 cam scuffed lens my vtx and menace Aerial‎ broke so for the money its going to cost to replace it all should have just got some named brand esc,o well will no for next time :sob:

second set new chaos 25amp esc and again desync problems after 3 lipos and it just falls out the sky smashed my vtx scuffed my new foxeer v3 cam I wish now I had spent a bit more on some good brand esc as now got to buy lens for my cam and a new vtx plus more esc and there goes my new build it now looks like its had a hard life.

That is just terrible to hear, :crying_cat_face: overall we have (and so have most of our customers) been very happy with these ESC. So If you are willing to answer some questions I would appreciate if you can help us find the cause of the problem to fix in future revisions. Its only recently that we are hearing of some issues, so my guess is either we need to have some words with the factory, or there is something new with betaflight causing an unknown issue?

You previously said that the first two sets worked just fine. Has anything changed on your quad setup from now and then, even something like updating ESC firmware/settings? Do you still have your old ESC?

Is the fault with the same motor number 3?

hi there the other sets I have are on 2 off my 150 builds with emax 1306 motors so don’t think they are giving the esc a work out really.
now my new build is my first 210 which I was doing for racing that’s why I got every thing new so I would not get any problems like this so the first set I had off you the problem was there right away on motor 3 but then it hit the floor and then I could not really tell what motor it was it just twitched on it your axis and the motors made a funny sound. then you sent me out the second set which I was really great full for thank you, so I fitted them to the quad and checked the the firmware and it had the latest one on so left them then I did a fc firmware and that was all good to so I put a lipo on it and had a hover and it was great so i put the goggles on and went for a blast did two packs was sound went for the 3rd pack about 2mins in on punch out you could see the cam pick yawing then it just seemed to flip forwards and you no the rest so i put a fresh pack on did a hover los and on little punch outs it would yaw and the motors made that sound again can not really tell which motor it its sorry

hi did this help you out mate

hi alex do you think it was bad esc again mate

Hard to tell, do you possibly have a video showing the issue? Otherwise is it the br 2006 2500kv motors that you are running with the 25A Chaos ESC? If so I will get one of those motors and do some testing here to figure out what is going on?