Chaos Esc opinions



I running turnigy graphene 1300mah 4s 65c packs on by build.
I’ve changed from turnigy nano-tech 1300mah 4s 45-90c packs.

I’m begining to think my nano-tech lipos didn’t have the power to max out my motors or ESCs but the higher rated graphene pack does and thats whats causing the them to burn?


Older littlebee 's were knowned to burn due to Dumped Light peeks. A capacitor on the battery line usually solved that problem. I have a capacitor on all my quads and never had a burned esc


I’m already running a 25v 1000uf capacitor on the PDB input directly on the XT60 connector.

I never had this problem until I switched to the graphene packs.


Just ordered 4 Chaos 30amp ESCs. :slight_smile:
Hoping this will fix my burning issue and allow me to try out Dshot as well.
Win - Win


I’ve had these ESCs fitted now for a little over two weeks. Set them up with Dshot 600.

  • Reduced my prop wash without having changed anything but with any hardware change its good to update your PIDs.

  • They don’t even get warm on my build, I haven’t burned any out unlike my old littlebee’s.

  • They are a little heaver than my old littlebee 20amp but then these are 30amp so thats to be expected.

  • My motors spin up so smoothly at a much lower throttle input

For the price and the full range of protocol support and bheli_s. These will now be my ESCs of choice.:slight_smile:


I have just fitted them on my Tarot 650 with Emax MT4008 380kv motors, so far they work very well.
I still can’t belive how small and light they are.