Which is a better FC- Acro Naze32 or SP F3?

Someone told me that Naze32’s grown old, so I should use SP F3. What advantages do I have with SP F3 over Naze32?

  • Naze32 = F1 Processor (OLD some/most betaflight features wont work)

  • SP F3 = F3 Processor (Newer, Faster supports most if not all of betaflights features)

  • F4 Boards are faster still well supported, can use all of betaflights features.

  • F7 Boards are the fastest but not well supported yet.

F3/F4/F7 = highter GYRO and PID loop selection.

Most people buy F4s now… Well I do

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Ywell said @DoomedFPV… no point getting an F1 board (unless it is free) since the latest firmware cannot run on them anymore. Current sweet spot is f4 boards.

Developers are working at optimising the code for f7 chips so should see more of these FC in 2018… but I am also at the opinion of thinking from a human point of view can we really notice the difference between 8khz and 32khz?

I have not really looked into it but even at 8khz you are telling the motor to change speed several times before it even completes a single rotation. And from a physics point of view does I wonder if the motor actually has time to slow down/speed up fully before getting the next speed update?

Excuse my ramblings, am just writing my thoughts… but I do agree with what doomedfpv said. I think the main benefit of faster CPU are better sensor fusion algorithms and other extra features apart form ever increasing flight loop times.

Also F3 boards will no longer be supported after BetaFlight4.0 so won’t get any of the new features…