Flight controller confusion

Hey guys, i am a newbie in this field, and i am trying to build my first quadcopter, and thought of making it as cheap as possible so tried to make a flight controller using arduino uno, but failed, but now i am confused in buying a flight controller board. After a long search, i found Naze32 to be suitable, but i am confused which version of it would be good,

  • Naze32 rev 6
  • naze32 F3 flight controller acro6 dof.

You can probably use both versions…
I personally would stick to the naze32 F3 because i like a F3 board more than a F1 :slight_smile:
There are also things that cannot be done by a F1 Board, so the F3 Version is probably a better Choice.
If you want to have a very good Flight experience, consider buying the Omnibus F4 V5

Just a tip:
Don’t try to use the cheapest parts that you see… You will be disappointed after a while because the cheap stuff is mostly not the best Quality.
Trust me, i wasted hundreds of Euros because i took the cheap stuff and ended up replacing a lot of it and buying better Stuff .

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Thanks alot, i once considered having a kk 2.5 board, but then i saw some reviews where they said the drone froze after a small flight time.