FCU and RF transmitter electronics

Hi there! I’m new here! :grin:
I want to build me a quadcopter myself and I have some dubts about the electronics part. Since I also want to build the transmitter, I thought about using Arduino for both, but I recently found out that it’s mostly based on a 8-bit controller and that is better to have a 32-bit one.

Here comes the first question: how accurate is it? Could I get away with 8-bit Arduino on the drone?

Considering this, I later found on this site the Naze32: good, cheap, 32-bit.
Now, what concerns me is: can I make the FCU with the Naze32 and the trasmitter with Arduino? Would this make using Naze32 useless in terms of performance?
And, if so, which board do you suggest to use for both the drone and the transmitter, then?

I hope you guys can help me! Thanks for all your assistance! :nerd:

Anything is possible, 8but works well, but 32 MCU have more processing power. But I suggest you start building a quad using off the shelf.components before you try code your own in Arduino

and what about using both? I mean: due to the “limitation” of Arduino, will make using Naze32 on the quad useless in terms of speed of communication/piloting?

It realy depends on what you want in an FC… side by side 32bit will always be faster… but for some drones 8bit is good enough…

For example APM2.8 boards are the best cheap autopilot at the moment, if you want a GPS waypoint drone… but if you want to fly a fast FPV quadcopter, then 32bit will be much better, then something like an SPF3 board will be your best option for a cheap good FC.

If you want the best then getting something like a pixhawk 2 will be the best as it actualy has a bunch of MCU in it, and you can even add an intel edison compute module… but this FC will not be great for a FPV racer as it is just too big.

Thanks, that’s good to know!
Since it’s my first quad, I think 8-bit will do… Also, I’m going more for a “just-fun-flying” one, maybe I’ll add a cam later…
Don’t want the best yet, in fact I think I’ll use Multiwii firware even if, as I understand, it’s a bit obsolete… But didn’t find another one for 8-bit, plus I know Arduino and maybe I’ll be able to make some changes…
But I’ll keep in mind these informations, thanks a lot! :smile:

PS: I don’t want to “take advantage” of your experience, but if you have any suggestion on functions or parts or anything else that is good to have, let me know! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: