A proper flight controller

As a beginner, looking for a proper flight controller for racing. I did amount of research and found there are 2 articles are very helpful for me. On article is FPV racing flight controller (http://blog.dronetrest.com/fpv-racing-flight-controller-buying-guide/) tell us the bases of what to look for in an FPV FC and things should be considered when choosing a FC, it is good for the beginner to know the knowledge. Anther post is from a pilot’s blog drone flight controller comparison http://www.rcdronegood.com/flight-controller-board-comparison/, listed a lots of drone FC and made a comparison for helping us to choose a proper flight controller. I want to build a FPV 180mm, would who can tell me which FC is the best between Crazepony F3 Flight Controller and RJX SP Racing F3 EVO Flight Controller?