What is the best controller of F4 copter with variable pitch blades.?

Can I get your advice?
Two years ago, bought on sale for 3D copter with variable pitch blades. Controls four servos. The Controller, the copter proved to be not reliable.So … http://www.everbuying.net/product958686.html
I tried to replace this … Assault Reaper 500 - Flight Controller (REAPER500-Z-33)
The result was not better. In addition little settings in the native transmitter. Weak BEC, servo and main motor. They are so overloaded that cut down the Board with electronics and the receiver. All this has altered and strengthened. And now the choice for the controller.
Want to use F4 now , but what configuration? And what you will need to visitati type flying device - copter, plan, heli, servo…??