Guidance needed for best stable flight controller for photography for developing nano/micro drone like CC3d,F3,F4 etc

Was interested to develop nano/micro drone as a new beginner having worked with electronics like microcontrollers etc kindly guide which is the best stable flight controller like among CC3d,F3,F4 etc that can be used for photography and good flight

Most flight controllers will give a stable flight…

Its what other features you need that will determine the FC

Like I am saying about F3,F4 etc or CC3D which to select for beginner

F3 - old and dieing
F4 all the way… Go F4

Thanks can u help me with brands as there are few I found like omnibus,readytosky

My recommendation would be to go for the airbot omnibus f4 nano V6 and install arduplane or arducopter firmware on it if you are looking for smooth stable flying.

It’s a great FC that is tiny (2x2cm)

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