Fc frsky compatibility

Hi guys,

I am trying to get parta together for my first drone build. I am thinking that I have almost everything ready but FC and Rx.

I bought Frsky Taranis X9D+ and prepare to buy frsky Rx. I am thinking about r-xsr or rx6r (better range?). I read about compatibility issues between frsky Rxs and FC with F1 and F4 cpus. But I read also some articles about flashing frsky Rxs with their software and probably after that they can work with F4s FC.

I am pretty unsure what to for FC should I buy. I do not want to pay for expensive FC and I am looking for something under 50€.

Which FC should I buy? F3 and be safe with compatibility but have cleanflight or F7 much expensive but be safe and betaflight or should I buy F4 and try to flash frsky Rxs? Will be F3 acro good for me as a beginner thinking about pins for escs, spare uarts and other ports? For that price unbeatable.

I plan to run FPV later, but first without it, I have:

  • 20A esc Cyclone 4pcs
  • motors MT2204 2300kv readytosky
  • frame mark4
  • battery lipo cnhl 3S 2000mah 100C
  • props 5045
  • matek systems pdb-xt60 w/ or matek mini power hub
  • mini tracker buzzer
  • gps Beitian BN880

These are my options:
Hakrc F7 F722
Diatone MAMBA F405MK2
F3 Flight Control Acro SP Pro Racing

Please help me cause I do not have experience with this yet.

Thank you for any advice.

I would go for the Diatone Mamba F405 MK2, we have sold many of these at our store and not had many technical faults with them.

I would not bother with a F3 FC nowadays as the MCU as abit too low to take advantage of all the latest features of Betaflight, esp if you plan to use it with GPS,

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On this FC, there will be no problem with frsky r-x6r?

Yes it will work with that, you just need to connect it via SBUS to the SBUS in on your FC :slight_smile:

Okay and what about comparing Mamba F405 and F4V3S? I like those pins on F4V3S, maybe this will be easier for me to connect with separate ESC?

or comparing to this one F4 V2 Pro

That is an F3 FC with servo connectors, the F4 version on that page do not have the same servo connector rails. I would suggest you do not get an F3 FC as they cannot run the newest betaflight firmware

Do I need servo connectors if I do not wanna run air planes but only quads?

For me beginner what should you take? Considering soldering, connectivity and reliability?

Mamba F405




As for fc both are good, I gave my reason above, but for a quad I would recommend going for a 4in1 esc instead, makes wiring 100% easier

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