Mamba F4 vs Mamba F7

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Two good boards but what differences mean should you pick one over the other?We all know that the F7 boards are faster than F4, after all the clue is in its name.But what else is there to it? F4 or F7 Processor As mentioned, we know one is faster than the other but do we need all that extra processing power?The answer is well, yes and no.An F4 will run just fine on Betaflgiht 4.0.x but the more features you start to turn on, like the dynamic notch filtering, LEDs, GPS, the more you may find yourself running out of…

For me I personalty like the F7 just because of Bluetooth… makes it super handy if you need to check/change a betaflight setting at the flying field via my phone.

But price wise it is very hard to find something better than the Mamba F4 stack!