HolyBro Kakute F7 (and F7 AIO)

Firstly; hello all! I’m Cameron. I hope I can be of use here as the forums grow :slight_smile:

We’ve just received emails through from HolyBro here at UnmannedTech, to announce these:

I personally loved the Kakute F4 FC, and it’s soft-mounted IMU - so I’m glad to see they’ve carried it over.
Alex has taken a shine to the OmniNXT F7 with dual gyros - which do you prefer the look of?

What do you think about F7 boards? Are they the next big thing? Discuss below!

  • F7 Yeah! :heart_eyes:
  • F7 not yet! :sleeping:
  • F7? My F4 doesn’t even have 10% CPU load.

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I think F7 boards will start to become more popular as BF 3.4 is now optimized for F7.
With the ever growing features and improvements on Betaflight code with new filtering at some point were going need those extra CPU cycles.

welcome @UnmannedCam

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I agree with you here - as features of BF become more intensive, and optimization improves, I think we’ll see an increase in the number of F7s around here.

And thanks, it’s great to be here :slight_smile: