I landed in snow and I think I’ve broken the fc

Hi. I landed in snow and now I’m missing the last 2 beeps when plugging in the battery. Does this mean it’s likely I’ll need a new fc?
Sorry I’m a bit vague. I’m at home

Your ESC’s aren’t seen a throttle signal from the FC…

Does the FC still work on Betaflight?
Is it showing any signs of life?

Ohh sorry I was supposed to type I’m not at home. I’ll check that once I’m back at home. Thank you (:

I think i’d take it home in put it in the airing cupboard for few days b4 i tried it or blow warm air on her to dry out… Fingers crossed hope she comes back to life :slight_smile:

HI back home now. Im happy to leave it. i had it on the dash board as i was on a long drive. I plugged it into betaflight and it connects. plugged a battery in and all the motors spin. But it wont work when its not plugged into the computer.

Check your lipo connector for connectivity.

But I suspect you have damage the 5Bec circuit on the FC.
That powers the FC from lipo voltage.

I may have found the culprit or its just a coincidence but the wird from the smart port has come lose. im not sure where to re solder it too. Still a bit lost with this side of things (:

It looks like it curled round somewhere but I can’t see where it was connected to. I can’t see where it may have come lose from the receiver but I’m assuming that is where it goes. Just not sure where about on the receiver

I think i have worked out that the cable from smart port goes to the receiver. i could be wrong but once i had soldered it onto the receiver i had telemetry and my radio worked again. unfortunately you are right about it being toast as it wont give me all the beeps unless its plugged in via the usb and a lipo. Time to buy a new FC (:

sorry to keep on. one last thing. what would be a good replacement that would be easy to wire up i couldn’t find the holybro kakute aio f4 at unmanned tech or anywhere else. Thank you

Would this be a good swap for the fc Kakute F7 AIO. I have a spare frsky rxsr so i am going to use that as well

what i currently have

Armatan Chameleon 6"
Holybro Kakute AIO V1
TBS Unify Pro 5v (on a board under the fc)
Frsky X4r
brotherhobby r6 2306 2450 kv
Spedix 30a blheli_s esc
VIFLY lost alarm buzzerv2

You just need a new AIO board…

Kakute F7 AIO

Matek F4 AIO

Matek F7 AIO

Take a look and pick the one that best suits your needs

Im a bit stuck on what would be the best one for me. What one do you think would be the easiest one to wire up?
I have watched some videos on both but i cant decide
Thank you for the suggestions. I’m leaning towards the holybro but thats only because that is what i have just come from

Sorry… looks like I linked the wrong Kakute F7

This is the AIO version.

You could install this one as the pin out should be very simpler to the one you have installed already

I’ve just bought it now. i’m already nervous about wiring it up. Thank you for all the help (:

Don’t worry the manual for the kakute is excellent it will walk you through it step by step.

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I Hope so. I found a really detailed pin out on the web also. I’m a bit shoddy with a solder but I’ll just triple check everything.

Not good i plugged it in and i got a little smoke so unplugged straight away. I thought i had got it right… shit ):

Honestly I tried my best but being a nervous person i get the hand shakes. Is there anything obvious that would cause a problem?

When I checked continuity the I was getting small beeeps where I though i shouldn’t but because I was getting a continuous beep on matching cables I thought it was ok