I landed in snow and I think I’ve broken the fc


UPDATE. I Have de soldered the fc from the quad and checked it with a lipo and the leds on the fc work so it may still be alive. any suggestions


Not good. Any ideas where the smoke came from?
What have you got soldered to the z- and 5v terms on the bottom of your picture? I assume its a buzzer. You have a positive and a signal feed here but no negative connection to the g pad? Have you have run the negative up to the negative term to the ESC?
Make sure the white wire from T1 is not bridging to the R1 term.
Your M2 pad might be bridging to the tele pad?
It looks like there may be a blob of solder on the board just above the ribbon cable? Difficult to see so carefully inspect this area.
If you have already desoldered, plug in a USB cable and check the FC is still operational in betaflight. If it is try again and take your time!

Good luck


i couldn’t tell it was really quick. as soon as i noticed i just unplugged it straight away. i soldered the buzzer the same way it was on the previous board. i was curious as to why the black wire was soldered onto the negative esc but i just copied what the previous owner had done as it worked that way.

It does look like the wire is bridging in the photo but it wasn’t. the only mistake I was conscious about was one of was whilst soldering the white esc wires I accidentally got a small blob of solder on the top left r7 pad but i got most of it off.
Thank you for all the help
I may just pay an expert to do this as my hands shake so much its almost impossible


Its done and working. I cant explain how elated i feel after all of that. i imagine the first time i try and flip all my shoddy soldering will come undone(::. Thank you for all the help guys. Taking time to help a stranger. I would be totally stuck with out the Dronetrest Community


Great news well done :slight_smile:


Thank you.

I just checked the video signal and its awful. I wired the VTX the way this diagram suggested. I have a tbs unify pro-5v. should I wire it to the 5.v instead?



I don’t see a pin labelled for VTX they all look like 5v pads.

you linked image doesn’t work


Ahh sorry about that

I have the TBS Unify Pro V3 VTX the signal is good but only when the quad is right next to the goggles. It turns to snow within a foot or less from the goggles


Here is a video if it helps diagnose the problem. The channels are set correctly, I know this because when I change it in the goggles via the radio the signal I do get goes completely


Its your antenna’s

Your quad is fitted with a Red Foxeer Lollipop (RHCP)
Your display is fitted with a white Foxeer Lollipop (LHCP)

They need to be the same either RHCP - RHCP or LHCP - LHCP


I wish it was that simple but they are both rhcp. Also they are the same ones before I swapped the FC and I used to get reasonable range



damn so they are…
That directional patch is not going to work very well pointing straight up into the air.

I would check the connections on the quads antenna’s to the VTX and double triple channels.
Also check to see if your VTX is in PIT mode


It’s not in pit mode and I’ve checked those things. Is it possible when I landed in snow that it damaged the vtx. In the manual for the kakute f7 it says I can solder to either 5.v or vbat. But I can’t find A spare 5.v to solder to test that


Which Unify do you have?


You cannot solder the TBS unify pro v3 to vbat it is a 5v board. Assuming your camera is also 5v you should bind the positive and negative wires from the TBS and the camera and solder them both to the flat 5v and neg terms on the kakute. If you have soldered the TBS to vbat it’s possible it was that that smoked and it may be dead.


Thank you Max.

Just so I’m absolutely sure. do you mean like in the picture?
I have a decent soldering iron arriving tomorrow so I’m really hoping that will help.


Yes that would work, but see the flat 5v and g pads next to the video in vi pad? Use those. They are specific for the cam and vtx and might have more filtering… maybe.


Maybe im wrong but on the pin out it says those pads are ground and board voltage. i assumed that meant vbat and not 5v


I will check my build when I get home and post an image I might be wrong aswell! Just hold up Guan let me check before you do anything