I landed in snow and I think I’ve broken the fc


Sorry i missunderstood

understood. Did you mean here


Yes thats what I mean. Both cam and vtx to those pads. But I will check for you when I get home just to be sure as I am working from memory


Thank you for your help Max. (:


Damn I took the wrong drone apart, my Hyperlow does not use the same pads due to a different HV VTX. But on my Rooster I am running Cam and VTX from those flat terminals you pointed out and its fine with no interference. I have just prepared the Rooster for a Dronetrest meet this weekend and I’m a bit loathe to take it all apart for a photo but trust me that works with no problems.

You should think about coming and joining us on the Dronetrest discord you will get much faster responses over there. There’s a button in the top right of this page next to the search icon, just press that and I’ll see you in there.


Thanks you that sounds great I’ll do that today Then I’ll find out if the vtx has been destroyed or not. I didn’t realise about discord I’ll do that also


I have not read everything properly to check if it’s been covered, but is your vtx maybe booting up in pit mode? As that might explain why you get signal at close range but it looses it after a few meters?

Also thanks to everyone who has chipped in to help so far, hopefully we can all help to get @Guan back in the air.


Hi thanks Alex. Managed to get back into the air. Max had pointed out that maybe it was vtx I killed and got the smoke from and not the new fc because I had wired the tbs 5v to a vbat pad. So I changed the way at was wired and nothing changed so I used a SRC Bucaneer Switchable VTX that I had spare and all is working. Looking forward to testing it properly tomorrow. Only thanks to all the help I get here or I’d be completely stuck (::
Very happy