Kakute F4 AIO S.Port (Smart Port not working correctly)


I bought 3 weeks ago a KakuteF4AIO.

I connected everything and the Smart Port is not working correctly with my XSR.
The XSR has the newest firmware and I also flashed the newest BF 3.2 on the Kakute.

Allthough the telemetry sensors can sometimes be discovered but they get lost after a few seconds.

I have found some other people on rcgroups that have the same problem and since I bought mine from unmannedtech I ask here for advise. There were also people that have a FC from a newer batch that have a working S.Port.

It seems that this is a hardware failure. If this is the truth and there is a newer batch with a working s.Port will I get a exchange FC?

I also wrote to holybro but am still waiting for an answer. Maybe you have a solution.


So i got an answer from holybro.

The tell me to send the board back to them to China and they will send me a new board.

Since I bought mine at unmannedtech I would like to handle this over your shop.

I am waiting for your response before I take any actions.

That will be fine, if I recall we have an email ticket open with you so I will create a return for you there So we can replace it with the new one for you.

Alright, I am going to wait for email. Thank you for the information.

Having the same problem. Also bought from unmannedtechshop.co.uk

If you can send us an email with your order number we will replace it for you assuming yours has the current sensor issue. Smartport is software issue that will be fixed when new betaflight is released, but for now you can fix via CLI commands.

Hello Alex.

Did enter: set tlm_halfduplex in betaflight, Telemetry is back, but cant
use the LUA script for changing PIDs or VTX channel. Guessing this is a
software issue aswell.
I dont have the 60A currwnt sensor, went out ripping just now and got just
over 80A drawn, so all is fine.
Thanks for your help.

Best regards