New Release! HolyBro Kopis 2 Quad Announced!

Hi all!

Just letting you in on an email we’ve received through from HolyBro - announcing the release of the Kopis 2!
The Kopis 1 was well known for it’s performance, so I’ve included the list of features and specification (provided by HolyBro) so you can take a look for yourselves :slight_smile:

Could this be a Hawk 5 or HGLRC Batman competitor? What do you think?

Front view:

I’m loving the colour combination and matching - looks stunning.

This angled view does not disappoint either!

And here’s the technical stuff for you all:

Let me know what you think! Did you have any experience with or thoughts about the Kopis 1?
What do you think about the specs on this?

Happy flying, all!

  • Cam <3

I liked the kopis 1 as it had absolutely everything you want in terms of specs along with a lightweight frame with efficient motors. So it’s great to see holybro have not changed much from their original formula but just modernised everything with the kakute f7, dshot 1200 with ESC telemetry, BFCMS VTX (smart audio) etc…

The only downside is the high price at at the RRP of $299 :money_mouth_face: . But then again you are getting it packed with holybro electronics that you know will work well together along with one of the best motor manufacturers in the hobby.

Compared to the hawk 5 and hglrc bat, I think the kopis 2 wins… but when you consider the prices it’s abit more of a tough decision :thinking: