Weird instantaneous spikes in the debug and pre gyro trace

Hello, guys recently I have started to learn how to tune PIDs and read/analyze BlackBox logs simply because I wanted to squeeze a more performance of my Quad. I have a general knowledge of how PIDs work and how they translate when values are not optimal. I decided to look at a couple of BlackBox logs and I found that sometimes chaotic and random spikes occur with and without RC command on the gyro roll trace(debug and pre gyro). At first, I thought it was prop wash oscillation but later I found Joshua Bardwell’s vid on prop wash oscillation. In the video he stated oscillation have some sort of sinusoidal form, therefore, my first suspicion is incorrect to give you guys a better picture I will include screenshots of a specific log/trace.

A spike on all three axis at the same time, could be a sign of a bad gyro.

If you upload your BB Log, I can take a look ( I’m not a BB expert ). But Ill help where I can.

I’m not a PID/BB Log expert… but.

It looks like your twitch is on roll and on a throttle up, you also seem to have noise on your roll axis.

It could be D gain getting a little bit over active on Roll.

Try changing your PIDs too

Roll P=44, I=75, D=36 (Watch motor temps)
Pitch P=48, I=70, D=39 (Watch motor temps)
Yaw - No change

You could also try and Raise TPA a little, see if that helps

I notice that you have really fast rates and you Dshot is set to really high.

You could try lowering your rates a little and Dshot down to 600.

Let me know if any of this helps

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