First Drone Build Flight Video

I have recently built my first drone and have spend the past month and a half flying occasionally and learning on the simulator. I have now uploaded my first freestyle video to youtube. Would be extremely grateful if some of you could check it out. Constructive criticism is welcomed.

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It fly’s.
Well done on getting your first build in the air.

There’s something off with your PIDs or maybe just your thumbs. But that comes later… enjoy your flying.
And keep practicing.

On my first flight I ended up in a tree and it took me longer to get it back then I did fly.

Thank you for your feedback.

I think that it’s both me and my PIDs that make it look a bit jerky. I started with 3s and have now moved to 4s and there is a considerable amount more propwash oscillation than before.

Also my GoPro has image stabilisation on and I have heard that the vibrations from the drone don’t get dealt with well by the camera and make it worse.

Do you have any recommendations for PID tuning?

I’ll try and give feed back… It annoys me when someone, not even a new pilot posts a video on facebook and asks for feedback to help them improve and no one answers.

Thats cause you motors now have more power to respond faster.

Just turn if off, it doesn’t work well for are style of flying.

Betaflight defaults work well.

Cough There’s a PID turning guide coming out soon here Cough

Great Video so far… :+1:
Try to get to know your PIDs better so you know exactly how you need to move your sticks and fly one single flip or roll…
However this comes with the time :slight_smile:

I really appreciate that!

Yes i will turn the stabilization off from now on.

Okay I will carry on using the betaflight defaults for a while longer then :wink:

Thanks for your feedback!

I would love to get out and get more practice in but I am a full time student with exams coming up soon so I go as often as I can whilst still getting revision done.