Are Default Pids ok for brand new build

Hi All,

Please don’t eat me alive I’m new to racing drones!! An I’m currently practising LOS with a little hubsan X4 storm and I’m bloody enjoying it. So have decided to step out of the frying pan and into the fire!!!

I was going to buy a RTF quad and get on with it, how ever after watching loads of vids on youtube and reading information on here I feel like I will easily be able to build my own quad from scratch. However the one thing that is stopping me from putting a list together and buying all the parts I need is I’m worried sick about the Pids after I have built my dream machine.

My question is if I build a new quad from scratch and flash the flight controller with the latest version of beta flight do I have to then start from scratch and 're configure the pids to even get it to fly, take off the floor? Or will it fly on the default Pids that have just be loaded on the all singing all dancing fresh copy of beta flight. My understanding of Pids is it’s like getting a new car and sort of remapping the ECU to make it perform faster gain more horse power if you will. But before you touched the ECU the car operated perctly fine and you don’t have to update the ECU to have it running fine.

Last question what flight controller would you guys recommend for a newbie for his very first build?

Thanks and any help understanding the above would be appreciated :wink::wink:

No, Default PIDs are fine for beginners and even Pros sometimes dont even need to tune their PIDs :slight_smile:
I can recommend theOmnibus F4 :wink:
We have loads of Tutorials for that on our Blog and under the Guides Category

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Hi Luca,

You 've just saved the day then mate, I will have a good butchers at your blog and the Omnibus F4.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and for responding its appreciated.

Betaflight 3.4 with Default PIDs would do you just fine.

What ever board you go for just make sure its an F4.

Have a look at the Matek F405-STD it gives you options of a PDB and could help with your first setup

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Hi bleu5297

I was in a similar situation to you except I had never even tried flying before I had build my quad and I feel like it is a great way to get into the hobby. The building process helps you understand how your quad works and makes it much easier to spot a problem that could arise.

I am still using default pids and haven’t noticed any major issues so you should be fine on them.

If you need any help in your build, just post on the forum.


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From betaflight 3.3 and now evin 3.4 I would say that very few people will need to tune their quads, as the defaults are so good. The other day for I had 1 blade of a 4 blade prop snap off, and to test how good betaflight was tried to fly it. And it flew surprisingly well, you still had full control but the motors did not sound too happy and is not something I would suggest you ttry to do…

But the short answer is default PID’s are good enough for most builds :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all the input its set my mind at ease and has made my decision an easy one i’m going to give it a go now. Just the next task off picking all the equipment I’m going to need for my first build. There’s so much choice its awesome.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

If you are unsure about the setup that you wanna fly, check out our Buying Guides at

If you put together a list here we can all offer our opinions/advice before you buy :slight_smile: