Pid's and rates beta flight for naze 32 250 falcon pro rtf

I’m a newbie and have the fpv would like to know if any one at all could tell me the rates and pid’s in betaflight for eachine falcon pro naze32 rtf .I downloaded latest betaflight and like a dumb dumb left chip erase and lost all my stock settings.i want to be able to use beginner mode and have no information what so ever to put in for rates or pid’s the falcon 250 pro naze 32 rtf only comes factory with acro mode been stuck non stop for three days now.PLEASE HELP

Hey Charlie,

The stock settings are actually the settings that are there when you do a reset…

Luca :slight_smile:

I am learning so if i opened up a new thread as you say and i was wrong i apologize.i meant no harm.this was first time asking for help because i had spent hours upon hours trying to find what i asked and could only find them for everything but my naze 32 .i was up for two days straight also trying to get them.this is y i dont ask.i apologize everyone.when my son gets home ill have him delete.i didnt know and spent many many hours not minutes.thanks

Thank u so very much and again im sorry i will do this when i get home.your the best.well appretiated

Yes this is the problem.i found alot of imformation on this one but my flight controller is naze 32 f3 and its the new falcon pro not the racer pro.this is the reason why i am stumped.i flashed my f.c. already with beta flight but i dont know what the rates,pid’S ex.are suppose to be set to for beginner mode.i read and read and watched so many videos and it could possibly be an easy thing to do,but its got me pulling my hear out because ive tried o so many times to do this and im at a dead end and cant and dont know anyone to help me.

If you are a beginner as you sad, the standard PID’s should be okay…
To the Rates:
Just play a bit with them in a Simulator.
After a few hours of testing you should get a hang on it…
There are also some good Tutorials out there:

By the way; there is no need to excuse… :slight_smile:

Luca :slight_smile:

Im gona watch these now.thank you so much.that was nice of you to take the time out and help me…Happy flying😀