Easy question for PID tuners

My PIDs are set to what a guy on the net has his at for my drone, it flies well and is stable, however when in horizon mode its just to aggressive for my skill level and i crash.

Is it just my rates that i change to slow the pitch and roll down or do i have to dumb down the actual pitch and roll PIDs also?

Thanks peeps

PID’s are for stability and control so unless your quad is wobbling badly dont touch the PID’s. I your case its best to simply just reduce the rates on your sticks to make it abit less sensitive.

Ok thanks that helps the pids seem in a sweet spot so was reluctant to fiddle with them

Cool :slight_smile: what quad are you flying? and can you share what PID’s you are using incase anyone else has the same setup as you.

Yes I have the eachine falcon 180, I’ve heard the general low budget build of eachine make them a bit ropey in the air but I have fitted littlebee ESCs and with my current pids seems very stable in the air
I’ll try an upload a screen shot of my pids later