Can high P gain on both Pitch and Roll cause motors to heat up

To test the problem I flew my quad during lunchtime and I noticed that all 4 motors where heating up.I thought its because of the sun was up the ambient temperature was just to high. To prove that the main culprit is ambient temperature I flew during the golden hour when it was cold. You would expect the motors to run cooler but still it had the same temperature as it did when I was flying during lunchtime. I also went ahead check to see if the screws were touching the coils and all of them were free from contact.The D gain that I had was about 25 which is lower than the stock PIDs. I had my P gain of 80 on roll and 90 on pitch and it was overshooting(bounce back) before I experience P gain oscillations on both pitch and roll. At 85 on roll and 95 on pitch then it started to show oscillation.The catch is that when I landed the motors were close to being way too hot to touch. Additionally, when I fly using the stock pids its feel is close to locked in and motors are ever so slightly warm to touch.

My setup
Emax RS2205s
DYS blheli s multishot
Matekf405 fc and FCHUB pdb
Turnigy 65c graphenes
Soft mounted FC and motors are hard mounted, the soft mounts i found just amplifies the vibrations.

High P’s don’t normal cause hot motors that’s normally D.

But looking at your P values they are on the high side so you may have over tuned your quad.
Maybe the over tune is causing some vibrations that the gypo and D gain doesn’t like.

You say stock pids feel close to locked in and the motors are only slightly warm.
I would go back to stock pids and tune around that area.

I normally raise my P’s by about 5 and lower D by about 2 and that normally works for a quick and dirty tune. (well for me anyway)

If I’m going to try and tune any further than that. I leave the default Ps and lower D down to 10 and start from there.

Tuning is a dark art that I have mastered yet.

Do you also recommend using blackbox. I am fairly new PID tuning and still have a lot to learn. I am currently going through Joshua Bardwell’s blackbox series.

Yeah if you can.

It helps

is this bad?
too much noise?

Can you attach that log file…

My blackbox is rusty but that does look like a lot of noise. you maybe able to fix some of it with filters.

Attach your log file and if I get time I’ll have a look.

no promises I can help. last time i did a full tune it took over a week until I was happy.

The first picture that I sent you contained a before and after a (1.4 MB)