Can ESC(blheli s) settings cause the motors to warm up/heat up

I have Emax rs2205s 2300kv motors set on medium, after hovering and cruising for 2 mins the motors would get progressively warmer.My pids is very close to stock. if i lowering my d gains then it would show bounce back. if i lower my p gains the controls just feels to soft.Additionally has anyone experienced a drop in temp in their motors when dynamic filter is enabled and 1 or 2 notches disabled?.

if you have a noise quad (which you may) turning off the notches filters may make it worse.

dynamic filter may help.
Its all abit of trial and error trying to find what works for your build.

The no generic answer to fix all.

Betaflight 3.4RC3 has new filtering and default pid settings and might be worth a go.

Just in case, if you’re using betaflight configurator 10.3.0, it’s got a potentially motor destroying bug that disables gyro filtering. If that’s the case, update to 10.3.1 and make sure your gyro filter lowpass hz (you can check this by typing ‘get gyro’ in the betaflight) is set to something other than 0. If it is 0, set it to 90 and see if that fixes your issue :slight_smile:

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Thanks but when I was doing my tests I ensured that I was using bf config 10.3.1 and also I am using bf 3.4 rc5 currently and it slightly reduced the motor temp but was still warm.

What FC do you have and is it soft mounted?

My FC is a matekf405 using their provided softmounting hardware

whats your frame like?

Not damaged or flexing.
Motors and other hardware secured down

damaged bell?

My frame is a true X, 4mm unibody and all hardware are secured with loctite. The emax rs2205s motors are fairly new. I have a question do drone motors require break ins?.

I’ve only heard of it once.
But normally I don’t think so.

You running a Cap on the Lipo lead?

yes I am running with a panasonic low esr cap 35v 470uf (suggested by drone mesh). I also have a Nos vanity label if that helps.Full range of throttle shows no visible noise through the camera