Racer star 2205 with 35A ecs

I am using recerstar 2205 2300kv motors with
Racer star 35A all in one ecs
But motors are getting hot ?
Does any one have idea about it ?

Propeller size …?

5045C 3inch props

I was using the same props with 20A escs it was fine .
And I have installed propeller guards as well does it effects ?

Make sure your screws are not touching the Motor windings.
What is your definition of hot? You should worry if you are not able to hold the Motor in your Hand without getting hurt.
You said 5045C 3inch Props. Do you mean triblades instead of inches? Otherwise it would have the size 3045. Then i suggest using 5 inch Props.

Yes Actually I am using 5inch
Tri blades props

Yes I cannot hold the motors after flying for 5 min

I watched videos
Why these are getting hot?

Every thing I have tested but this isn’t effective .

Screws are not touching the windings

Additionally I have installed 5 inch propeller guards .
Does they cause hot motors ?

My motors getting de sync and quad drops often when motors gets hot

What Voltage are you running on?

Also if you pid gains in betaflight are too high, or you have vibration issues on your quad this can cause motors to get extra hot.

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Gains are high to make Quad stiff
No vibrational issues I guess

Try lowering your PIDs just to try out.

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I have 35A racerstar esc
Racerstar 2205 2300kv motors
I have a problem
Only 1 motors is getting hot and de synced
I have done all these things

I have checked windings
Escs replaced
Lowing the D gain
Etc etc

Now is there any way that I can repair my motor?
Or something that can help me please let m know

Defo Start from scratch! Default PID’s, Make sure nothing is loose on the quad causing vibrations, Soft mount Flight controller ect. I use the same ESC/Motor combination on one of my quads and its fine.

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Yes I will assemble again Thanku

D gains is one of the best way to heat up your motors.

With a new build I always start on default PIDs I may even drop D gains by 5 points to be safe.

With only one motor getting hot, I would check the motor make sure its spinning freely and not binding in any way.

Other things to consider is, faulty motor or faulty esc on that arm

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