Is my configuration right?

After browsing through lots of website and forums I bought this spares, but somehow I ended up frying 4 ESC’s.

  1. Ardupilot APM 2.8 Mega
  2. RC Brushless Motor 2212 2200KV
  3. 30A Brushless ESC for multirotors with Simon K firmware
  4. Dji F450 Frame
  5. Propeller - 1045
  6. Tattu 6000mAh 14.8V 25C 4S Lipo Battery Pack (XT60)
  7. Fly sky RC controller

After some tries i was able to take off once but just after takeoff 1 ESC got fried and I had to change it. Later when I tried it never took off but fried 3 more ESC’s.

So was just wondering if anything wrong with my setup, any sort of help will be appreciated.



A 2212 2200KV motor with a 1045 prop is overloading the ESC and causing it (them) to fail.

This motor is really designed to power a model airplane and to run a 0730 or 0740 prop on 2S or 3S, so its pulling a lot more than 30A with a 1045 prop, (I can’t give you a definite figure because as it’s a 280W motor, it willll pull 27A on a 3S with a 0655 APC(E) prop.

To turn a 1045 prop with a 2212 size motor on 3S, you need around a 850-950KV motor.

Something like an EMax 2213 935Kv would be a suitable motor for your quad, but around that size is what you’re looking for, and shouldn’t need more than a 20A ESC.


@CF-FZG you suggested 930 kv motor on 3s buy my battery is 4s so would it be compatible? Or instead of changing whole propulsion unit will it be better if I upgrade my esc to 40amp?

Sorry didn’t notice the 4S bit of the battery description :blush:

You can run the EMax 2213 935Kv on 4S but you’d really need to come down to an 0845 prop, which is not a problem for your F450 Frame.

Your current motor will burn out next, it’s designed to run on 2S or 3S, on a 6" prop, and that will pull 27A on 3S, and no idea what a 4S would do to it.

I’m really sorry, but your current motor is not suitable for your current frame as the Kv is way too high.

The Emax 2213 935KV motor is a recommended motor for the DJI F450 & S500 Quadcopters as it can turn a suitable prop at a sensible current draw.

Oh, and remember that if your ESC leads don’t reach between the battery and motor, to only lengthen the ESC to motor leads.


I agree with all that’s been said so far… motors far to fast and if you put 10x45 props with 4S all on an APM you may run into the overpowered situation where unless you change MIN_THROTTLE parameter from 130 it may not descend/land

Can I suggest you use the MR calculator eCalc - xcopterCalc - the most reliable Multicopter Calculator on the Web
This tool will allow you try all combinations of hardware and arrive at a solution before you spend lots of money
Steve :slight_smile:4 x

@CF-FZG Thanks Mark! The catch here is I wanna lift nearly 2.5 kg of weight apart from the multirotor weight that’s the reason I choose 2200KV motors and a 4s Battery.(spent a lot on it) now what I can do is change battery but not the motors. It would be great if someone could suggest me what ESC I should use. I’ve a 2200mAh 3S battery as spare which I can use with this setup.

@stevietee10 I tried to use the mentioned tool long back before making the purchases and it didn’t have the items available in my country so I tried nearest matches and it showed good results. :sob:

I’m sorry, (again), but the motor is the problem, it’s not capable of turning a prop of sufficient size to provide the required thrust. It doesn’t matter how big an ESC you use, the motor will now get so hot that the permanent magnets can pass their Curie point, (which for N42 Neodynium Magnets in free air can be as low as 80 degrees C), and when that happens the magnets lose their magnetism and the motor will stop, or the windings will ‘burn out’, either way it’s not a “good thing”.

What’s the maximum size prop you can fit?

If you can fit a bigger prop it opens up a bigger range of motors, but it depends on how big a prop you can fit.

e.g. a couple of motors on UnmannedTech here…

An APC 15x6 prop on a 3510 600KV size motor running on on 4S will give approx 1.7kg of thrust pulling 20A (300W)

An APC 14x4.7 prop on a 3510 600KV size motor running on on 4S will give approx 1.7kg of thrust pulling 22A (328W)

An APC 15x4 prop on a 3515 650KV size motor running on on 4S will give approx 2kg of thrust pulling 24A (252W)


Sorry, I forgot to ask what frame you’re using.


Hi Mark,
Just a quick two-pennyworth from me,

I run:
Alien 560mm Quad frame
4 x EMAX MT 3515-650Kv motors
30A OPTO BL-Heli ESC’s
4S 10,000mAh LiPo
12x45 props give me 2.3Kg payload

So you really do need to change your motors and props to give you what you want :smiley: :smile:

Hope you get it sorted
Steve :slight_smile:

I’ve asked around, and here’s a combo that might fit better for you…

SunnySky X2814 1100KV with an APC 10x5 prop will give you about 2.2kg of thrust on 4s at full throttle, with a current draw of 40.3A per motor.

EDIT: A 9x6 prop will still give enough thrust but at 38.9A per motor.

Current draw at hover thrust (50%) should be around 13A to 18A