Propeller advice


So with the fine weather and not a lot else to do I thought it might be a good time to revisit attempting to fly my drone.

However before I can do so I need to get some replacement propellers as my last attempt finished up with one snapping, I’ve checked and the ones I had originally ordered are still out of stock.

There is also a possibility that I was using the wrong size / type of props as during the half an hour or so of trying I had before I broke them I was completely unable to get the thing to hover, it was either falling from the sky or hurtling up at speed.

Can any one advise if I was using the right type / any alternative to the now OOS ones given the spec of the rest of my kit below:

450 Quadcopter Frame with integrated PDB
8x45 Plastic Propeller Set
Chaos BLHeli_S Dshot ESC
ChaosFPV CF2205 PRO Motor Pack (2 x CW, 2 x CCW)
FlySky FS-i6X Transmitter with FS-A8S Receiver
Omnibus F4 V6 Flight Controller
Wizard X220S 4S 1500MAH 75C LiPo Battery Pack


8x45 ok for 450 quad but way to big for 2205 motors, you dont say amps of esc so ill assume 30-35 ish.
you should be fine with 6x4 props but they will look small on a 450 frame. your best bet would be 2208 at a min or 2212 motors with about 1000 kv you dont want to spin those plastic 8 inch props to fast with a 4s battery.
Its never going to be a racer but you can have some great fun freestyling those 450 frames.

Thanks for the input.

This is the link to the esc’s I have they are available in 20, 25 and 20A, my order history doesn’t clearly state which ones I purchased but the URL seems to suggest it was the 25A (don’t have the drone handy to check yet).

Not looking for speed / racing, just initially want to get used to flying then will be looking to throw a camera of some form on it for a bit of aerial video.

Looks like maybe 4 (Emax MT2213 935Kv) might be in order, unfortunately UnmannedTech still seem to have a complete lack of stock on any of their props (I’ve been checking back on and off for over a year) so I’m gonna need to try and source them elsewhere.

2213 will be great, try and get some carbon 8 x 45 props, ESCs will be fine for those motors. if all else failed Hobbyking 8 x 4.5 slowfly props seem to work great for me, but just reduce throttle end point if using 4S

Thanks again, don’t suppose you know where I can find said props, still drawing a complete blank.

nah sorry looking for carbon myself, but using some slowfly’s from hobbyking that i got a few years ago.

No worry’s, looks like Hobbyking do have a few 8x45s available to order / back order, though they all only have the global “shipped from” option which probably translates to China so might be here in time to try flying it next Summer if I’m lucky.:unamused:

MasterAirscrew is a good source for multirotor propellers .Dale is correct in saying you need 2212 motors for eight inch prop . Have fun Mike